Thank you for purchasing access to the videos and photos for Session 2 of the 2019 20 Mile Jubilee!

The photo galleries for all sessions can be found via the button link below. Follow the link, then drill down to your session and team. Remember to use your promo code at checkout.

Note that you will need to use the following password to access the photo folders:


Video links are below. They are listed in Competition Order. Simply click on a video name to watch that event’s rotation for your team. To quickly find your athlete, scrub the video timeline. This feature should work on most browsers and mobile devices.

For a list of frequently asked questions about the photos, videos, and troubleshooting, please scroll to the bottom of this page for the FAQ.



How do I redeem my code for my free photos?

To start, follow the link to the photo galleries at the top of the page and enter the password for the folder (noted above.) Drill down to your athlete’s photos by going to the correct session, and then choosing the correct team, and scroll through the photos. When you find a photo you like, add the FULL RESOLUTION digital option to your cart for that photo. Do this for as many photos as was included with your purchase. Once the photos are in your cart, go to checkout and paste your promo code in the promo code/coupon field and complete your purchase. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

Why are the photos not zoomed and cropped?

We usually shoot about 30,000 photos per competition. We then post-process our photos for color and sharpness, deleting any out of focus shots, and offering the rest at full resolution - printable to large sizes. Doing so allows you to purchase the highest quality image as possible and allowing you to crop and zoom as you choose, for whatever size you desire for your final image. We recognize that not all of the shots are “keepers” but don’t miss out on the education opportunity of viewing them which allows you to see the in-between moments that your athlete can also learn from - even if you never purchase them or display them. If you would like help zooming and cropping your purchased images, please just let us know and we will be happy to help!

Why is my athlete blocked or obscured during their performance?

It is our goal to ensure that every athlete is filmed with a clear viewpoint. That being true, these photos and videos are filmed during a live event on an active gym floor. Inherently other gymnasts, judges, and elements of the gym itself can block or obscure a gymnast during parts of their routine. While we cannot help this, we are sorry for the obstruction.

Why does my athlete have less photos than others?

During the event, photos were specifically taken of the floor exercise. That being true, when we had time we also took photos of the beam and potentially other aspects of the event. Due to the timing of the floor exercise, pacing of the event, duration of the athlete’s routine, and a myriad of other technical factors, there could be a wide variance of how many “keeper” photos are available per athlete.

Why is the video moving or vibrating?

These videos are being filmed on active gym floor. While we do our best to place the cameras in locations where they will not be bothered, they are certainly susceptible to being jostled by nearby athletes, or must be placed on mats where gymnasts are walking. This can add vibrations from time to time into the video footage.

Why are my athlete’s legs or feet not in the frame of the video or photo?

Generally speaking, we try and fit the entire event within the frame of the image However, due to space in the gym and/or the focal length of the lens being used at the moment, there are limitations. In addition, some events cover an amount of gym real estate where our cameras may not be able to fully capture all aspects of the event. In these situations we work to ensure as much of the athlete’s core is in the frame to show the most of the performance.

Why does the video look dark or shadowed?

There are many factors that can contribute to this, but generally it is a combination of lighting conditions of the gym, digital noise levels of the camera, and compression of the video for online delivery. For broadcast (think videotaping) the NCAA recommends that a gym floor be evenly lit with a consistent light level of between 100-150 foot candles. Unfortunately, many gyms for general training and the occasional competition are lit much, much lower. Light levels are generally around 25 - 50 foot candles. The result is that the camera must compensate by boosting sensitivity, which boosts digital noise in the signal. When the video is delivered online it is compressed even more, and the resulting image can look dark or smudgy in the places. Generally speaking, however, we believe that even a good amount of this does little to obscure the sport.

Why are the videos of the entire team, and not individual videos of just my athlete?

Great question, and if you would like a video made with just your athlete’s events, this is a custom edit that we would love to do for you! The pricing is very reasonable, please reach out to us here.

In answering the question: we generally film 4 - 6 events during each session. We may film 3 - 6 sessions in a weekend, with more than 300 athletes in attendance. With each session ranging up to 3 hours in duration, we usually capture 12 - 18 hours of footage for just one session - multiplied by 3 - 6 sessions and that maxes out at over 100 hours of footage! If we were to break that out by athlete, we could conceivably create close to 1800 individual performances during a competition. While we wish we could, it is simply not cost-effective to edit all of those performances individually. Thus, we deliver performances by the event and the rotation - this keeps the workload and the cost of the product manageable for all.

Can I download, share and post my athlete’s session videos online?

Currently all videos are for streaming only and they are intended for personal use only for your family and to show your athletes coaches for reference during practice. Videos or links to videos may not be duplicated, shared directly with others, copied, or posted on internet outlets without direct, written permission of Timberline Photo | Video. The bottom line is that we trust you, and ask that you please help us to keep costs down by not allowing piracy of video products to take place.

Can I download, share and print my photos?

Photos can be ordered as prints and as downloads. Full-resolution photos include a print-release that gives you permission to print your photos. Low-resolution (social sized) photos are not intended for print, and do not include a print-release. We assume that you will share them with family, and post them on the web. We ask that you always give a photo credit when posting photos: Photo credit - Hans Damkoehler of Timberline Photography.

Regarding photos, why were only 1 or 2 events photographed?

We believe that our photography and video products should be packaged and priced in such a way that they allow parents, family and coaches to afford them. If we were to photograph each event we would have to hire multiple photographers - which would make our costs, and thus the costs of our products, much higher. Thus, we target one, sometimes two events to photograph even competitor in, utilizing the services of one photographer.

Regarding photos, why wasn’t my athlete photographed?

While we work very hard to ensure there are photos of each athlete, very rarely we miss a routine. We are very sorry if this occurred to your athlete - trust us, it wasn’t personal! Note that we do sometimes take photos of events that are not “promised” for the day. Your child may or many not be in those extra photos.

Regarding photos, why can’t I see my athlete’s face?

While we would love to always have an angle with a view of your athlete’s face, this is not always possible, especially in sports. Many events are setup where much of the action moves away from us as we shoot photos. Additionally, these are not portrait photos - they are action photos. We cannot guarantee that your athlete’s face will be visible - or won’t have a grimace!

Does Timberline do custom photography such as sports portraits, seniors, family portraits and more?

Glad you asked! We do, and we would love to create images that endure for you and your family for years to come. Let us know what you interested in here.