Who is "Timberline?"

Timberline is a Photography & Video Services company owned and operated by Photographer and Video Professional, Hans Damkoehler.  My mission at Timberline is to create "Images that Endure."  Timberline specializes in Photography, Video Production, Post Production, and Story Creation.

Why "Timberline?"

I have found that the creative process is one of collaboration.  Although my photography work is mostly a solo exercise, the creative process is generally more than one voice -- and I love that!  I want to work with you to tell your story, whether that be through stills or moving images.  Let's create "Images that Endure" together!

What are "Images that Endure"

Simply put, these are images that last a lifetime … images that have viewing power … images that move you the first, the fiftieth, and the five hundredth time you look upon them.  Whether that be a personal portrait, a colorful landscape, an object whose color and gesture is "just so," a portrait of your family, a spread for your business, a book of memories for your bride, or even cover art for your band — I want to partner with you to make it happen.  It’s my goal at Timberline to create images (still and moving) that speak to you long after this year’s calendar sheet tears away … to remind and to spark a smile when you steal an extra look at those images above your mantle, on your wall, on your desk, and the wallpaper on your iPad.  

If that’s your desire too, then please contact me and let’s talk.

Photography by Timberline

At Timberline, my primary areas of focus are "people-driven" Portrait Photography and Landscape Photography, and the combination of the two.  I take a story-based approach, discovering first the intent behind the images we intend to create, and then bring that story to life.  I also specialize in documentary style Event Photography for concerts, corporate events, parties and "day-in-the-life."

For pricing please contact me and I will quickly send you a price sheet and/or happily set up a time to discuss your individual needs.

If you are interested in prints from my personal portfolio you can find selected images available in the Print Shop.  I carefully follow the journey of each print from your order all the way through to delivery.

Video Production & Post by Timberline

I bring 20 years of video production & post experience to Timberline's video service offerings.  My services include story creation & scriptwriting, producing & directing, videography & editing, motion graphics, color grading, and sound design.  I focus on the genre's of Corporate Video and Documentary.  Whether you need me to be your "one man, video production band" or your production needs require a fully vetted, professional crew and post-production workflow, Timberline can meet your needs.

Please note that a lot of the work I have done is "white labeled" and I don't have authorization to publicly display here.  If you would like direct links to my reel, please just let me know and I will forward.

For pricing please contact me to set up a time to discuss your production's needs and budget.