Frame Options for "Into the Woods"


I have put together three framing options that I believe go well with this photograph.  The photograph and the framing together are all "conservation" quality, meaning that they should last for generations and retain their quality. 

Before creating the print (the one in the pictures below is my test print at an 11 x 16 size) I ask that you please survey the place on your wall where it will be hung.  Ideally the photograph will be hung in an area that receives adequate light, while avoiding constant harsh sunlight.  However, if you find that it will be in a much darker environment, I can tweak the printing slightly to help compensate.  The print is what it is, of course, but there are a few proactive measures we can take if needed.

Below you will find three different frames to go along with the print and mat that I have chosen.  The following information is common to all three options.  


Please note, the following information (text in quotes) will be written on the whitespace just below the photograph, and on the back of the print.  You will also receive a limited edition certificate.

• This print is designated as a "Limited Edition" print (I will never release more than 20 prints at this size, and this is print #1.)
• This print is titled "Into the Woods"
• The print number is "111601" (which means 11x16, print 1)


• The photograph is 11" x 16" which includes a 1/4" white border on three sides with a 1/2" border at the bottom.
• The photograph is printed on Canon Luster Pro Photo Paper utilizing Chromalife 100+ inks that have been tested to last up to 300 years when stored in an archival-quality medium.
• The print is attached to the backing utilizing non-invasive, acid-free mounting that retains Limited Edition status.


• The mat is roughly 2.5" and is a very light gray, with a black core that emphasizes and frames, but does not compete with the image.
• Dependent on the frame, a 1/4" or so of the mat is under the lip of the frame.


• Conservation Reflection Control® Glass
• Matte finish reduces glare
• Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

Please note that I have gone with what is generally deemed to be the mid-level glass.  It is certainly high quality and anti-glare and will protect your art for generations.  The high-end option is museum glass, and it does look amazing (in that it is very anti-reflective, almost imperceptible.)  However, the museum glass option would add an additional $100 or so to the cost of the framed print.  If this intrigues you, please just let me know.


The framer, Kelly Benson, is a local artisan who has been framing for 20 years.

Photos of options are below - please ignore the yellow reflection of the light in the photograph - that is not in the print.  Click on a photograph for a bigger view.


• Frame is roughly 2" deep, medium gray,  on the front and sides.  The front is 1.25" wide which leads into a 1" 45 degree bevel.  The bevel has a sheen to it that draws your eyes into the photograph.


• Roughly 18" x 21"


Print - $159.95
Framing - $304.88

TOTAL FRAMED PRINT PRICE:  $464.83 + shipping


• Frame is roughly 3/4" deep, partially distressed charcoal black,  on the front and sides.  The front is roughly 2.5" wide.


• Roughly 21" x 26"


Print - $159.95
Framing - $280.61

TOTAL FRAMED PRINT PRICE:  $440.56 + shipping


• Frame is roughly 3/4" deep, partially distressed charcoal black,  on the front and sides.  The front is roughly 1.5" wide.


• Roughly 21" x 23"


Print - $159.95
Framing - $257.08

FRAMED PRINT PRICE:  $417.03 + shipping


Framing currently takes about two weeks.  Packaging and shipping is roughly one week.


Nancy, I am still working out an approach to shipping for you.  The bottom line is that shipping a framed photograph of this size, with glass is not inexpensive.  My framer has highly recommended UPS packing and shipping as they will insure the entire work if they both package and ship it.  Of course I will need the final dimensions and weight to determine the final shipping cost, but the current estimate has come out to roughly $180 for packaging and shipping.  Those costs break out as follows:  $27 - materials, $35 - packaging, $15 - insurance, $100 for ground shipping.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,